About Hilton Head Island

There’s something about Hilton Head Island that makes it different from everywhere else.  Other places share the same coast and have the same palm trees, but HHI’s lifestyle is what makes it Hilton Head.  The southern hospitality takes on a new form, and people who live here, well, Southern beach folk are the best kind of people.

The island may only be 12 miles long, but Hilton Head boasts 25o restaurants, 24 golf courses, and over 200 shops.  There are over 50 miles of bike trails, and we want to keep our island as environmentally friendly as possible.

How would we spend a week in Hilton Head Island? We’d stay at one of our beach homes or resorts, play a round of golf at one of our famous golf courses, shop at Louette Boutique in Village Exchange Shopping Center, eat at A Low County Backyard, enjoy yogurt at Delisheeyo, enjoy a beverage on the water at Up The Creek Pub, spend some time at Coligny Plaza, and dock the boat at The Sandbar for a little fun in the sun.  And when we’re done with all of that? We’d zip line, trail bike, paddleboard, kayak, relax on Sea Pines beach and head to Palmetto Bluff.

A week of vacation in Hilton Head is an amazing start, but a lifetime in Hilton Head Island is a life well spent.

Welcome to Hilton Head! May it bring you and your family happiness and sand in your flip flops.


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